Services | Serving Our Seniors (SOS)

Elderly woman receiving a large print clock to use.
Various materials for visually impaired seniors to use including large print remotes and phones.


Serving Our Seniors (SOS) helps North Texas seniors develop the adaptive life skills they need when they experience vision changes as part of aging or disease-related processes. More than 700+ seniors are assessed each year with an evaluation in their home environment. The Dallas Lighthouse SOS specialists are able to connect each senior to the services that best fit their requirements to remain independent, to maintain their privacy, and to stay in their homes.

Bilingual specialists develop long-term relationships with senior clients so that as their vision changes and their environments must change to meet their new challenges, new solutions can be developed quickly. A detailed assessment identifies areas that may require structured solutions that address each client’s specific needs such as:

  • Large print calendars
  • High contrast appointment or address books
  • Large button telephones and remote controls
  • Check writing guides
  • Specialized markers for appliances and thermostats
  • "Touch and bump" dots
  • Closed circuit television loan program
  • Sectioned dinner plates
  • Extra long oven mitts
  • Large, contrast timers and clocks
  • Liquid level indicators
  • Bi-lingual talking watches and alarm clocks
  • 20/20 writing pens

Specialists assist senior clients in identifying obstacles and barriers to their independence that can be overcome with adaptive devices or through other agency services.

The Dallas Lighthouse provides information about a variety of adaptive and hands-free devices along with an array of magnification devices that can make hobbies like sewing, crafts, reading or playing cards easy and enjoyable.