Services | Assistive Technology Lab

Woman who is visually impaired sitting at computer.
Man who is visually impaired sitting at computer.


The Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind Technology Lab offers one-on-one courses and training for people who are visually impaired to learn or enhance computer skills. Our training helps individuals maintain their independence; continue their education; find and keep long term employment; and develop the computer skills needed to stay connected to the community.

Training is available for the Internet, all Microsoft Office® programs, Apple iPhone & iPad, various Android operating systems and basic keyboarding and typing skills. The following adaptive programs are also available:

  • Talking Typer®: Keyboard navigation and typing skills
  • Magic®: Low vision magnification and speech enhanced software
  • JAWS®: Job Access With Speech
  • ZoomText®: Screen enlargement
  • PacMate®: Braille display keypad
  • ZoomText®: Distributor

The Dallas Lighthouse Technology Lab offers various program offerings. The Texas State Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Division for Blind Services has approved a group of our Technology Lab trainers to teach these specialized skills. In addition, we have trainers who specialize in a specific technology to provide value added training and assistance to seniors, blind or low-vision people who just need a refresher course or want to learn something new to enhance their life skills. All of our highly trained specialists are also visually impaired, giving them a unique understanding of the challenges that students may experience.

The Dallas Lighthouse is an authorized distributor of ZoomText®.